About PlatonicFriend.com

Welcome to PlatonicFriend!
We are a growing startup based out of Phoenix, AZ comprised of members who have felt a need for a safe tool to find new platonic friends in our own lives.

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What makes us different?

PlatonicFriend has been created for the sole purpose of helping adults find non-romantic friendships. We strive to provide a safe place to help spark new platonic friendships and to keep our members safe from the concept of "let's be friends and maybe it can turn into something more".

  1. Not for romance: By default you will only receive messages from the same gender, can block any member anonymously, and can report romantic messages.
  2. Anonymity: We don't ask for your real name or address, and offer a private option that will hide your profile from non-members.
  3. No ads: Sign up now to lock in no ads and free premium features for life.

We encourage all potential members with romantic inclinations to try the plethora of quality dating websites available; half of our team met the love of their lives on Match.com :).

How is Match Percentage figured out?

We are currently using a relatively simple formula to figure out Match Percentage.

  • First we consider how many Detail Questions both you and a potential platonic friend answered against how many you answered the same. So if you answered 10 of the same questions but only 2 of their answers match with yours 2/10 = 20%.
  • Next we consider how many Interests both of you selected, and which ones you agree/disagree on. Lets say for example you both Like Dancing and Drugs, but you like fitness and they dislike it. So there would be an interests bonus of (2/3) = 66%, this is then divided by 2, and 33% is added to your total %. There would also be an interests penalty of (1/3) = 33%, this is then divided by 2, and 16.5% is subtracted from your total %.
  • With the example above we would have 20% + 33% - 16.5% = 36.5% Match Percentage
  • So the more questions you answer the more useful the Match Percentage search can be. Of course, if you are only interested in finding someone who cares about Fitness then you can select only that interest and your Match Percentage search will be solely based on that one interest.
  • We will always strive for ways to improve this formula and provide better matches for you, so make sure to check back here for updates.